Terms & Conditions-Quality

質量保証 Quality

於本公司訂購之產品,如收到貨品7天內發現以下情況,本公司將可安排退貨或換貨: Order our Company‘s products, such as within 7 days of receipt of goods found in the following circumstances, Our Company will be able to arrange return or replacement:

1.     產品規格、顏色或型號與所訂之貨物不同。Product specifications, color or model with a different set of goods.

2.     產品有明顯的質量及安全問題。Products have a clear quality and safety issues.

Return goods before deciding, in advance by phone or Email to contact with us and inform the contract number and the Return of goods items of the reasons, we will make proper arrangements for the actual situation. Our Company may require customers to first return the goods in question to the Company‘s QC department for testing. In addition, the Return goods must be unused and packaging intact.

如出現下列任何一種情況,客戶將不能享受退換貨承諾:In case of any of the following circumstances, the customer will not be able to enjoy Return commitments:

1.     由於電腦色彩顯示產品的顏色與產品實際顏色不同。As the computer color display products, color and product different from the actual color.

2.     產品曾被非正常條件下存儲或暴露在潮濕的環境中。Product had been stored under non-normal conditions or exposed to moist environment.

3.     產品曾暴露在過高或過低溫度中。Products had been exposed to high or low temperatures.

4.     不正確的安裝、使用方式。Incorrect installation.

5.     不可抗力導致的損壞。Damage caused by force majeure.

6.     退回之產品外包裝不完整。Packaging of the products returned incomplete.

7.     超出質量保証期。Beyond the warranty period.