Terms & Conditions-Delivery

送貨方式 Delivery


Where ordered by the Company in the production of all products are the first to be sent after the completion of the Company is located in Shenzhen, a logistics center for the integrated treatment, the company will charge d‘affaires courier service to most parts of Hong Kong.


Shipments sent, the Company will be notified by phone or e-mail delivery number for customer follow-up.

相關注意事項 Related Note

1.     按過往經驗,速遞至本港大部分地區時約一天。但遇到特殊情況(例如天文台發出黑色暴雨警告及強風信號),實際速遞時間可能有所不同。Based on past experience, when the courier to most parts of Hong Kong, about one day. But when special circumstances (such as the Black Rainstorm Warning and the Strong Wind Signal), the actual delivery time may vary.

2.     本公司之責任只為代辦托運服務,快遞公司接受貨物後,其後發生的運輸事故或意外均由快遞公司承擔責任。本公司只能盡量配合及作定時跟進。The responsibility of the Company‘s agent only for the freight forwarding services, courier companies to receive the goods, followed by transportation incidents or accidents occurred by the courier company‘s responsibility. The Company shall not try to co-ordinate and conduct regular follow-up.