Make contribution to the earthquake of YUSHU in China



Staff show their love the YUSHU sibling


From the beginning of our company establishment, our company pays more attention to doing charity and in this earthquake; we express our deep condolences and love for the disaster area people!

On 14, April 2010 the big earthquake happened, and thousands of people lost their home. Once our company got this news, we went to our factory and did the donations to the compatriots, no matter how much they donate.

It shows our friendship and kindness to the disaster area.

After that, our management department convenes a special session of congress to collect the money to help our Compatriots.

At the end, our board sent all the donations to the disaster area and do hope their life can be better!

Our donations to be used as follow:

·  Donations to the disaster area with housing collapse, homeless victims counted more that 14300.

·  Provide the cost for the orphans left in the Yushu earthquake.

·  Helps the student who in the earthquake fortunately survives to complete studies and more.

It is our principle that whenever and wh
erever, whoever needs help. We do hope we can try our little best to help them! Do hope the world can be better and people are healthy and safe!