The big recruitment



Recruitment at our company


Recruitment at the college


Employment and re-employment is a big problem in China, especially for College students.

The success and achievement of Hong Kong Smartchip Technology Industrial Co., Limited today mainly depends on the efforts and contribution of each individual employee. But High school students are Potential talent for the Enterprises, so how to make full use of them is big task for Enterprises.

In our company, we deal with this problem properly and every year, we help the university student to get employed, to each big university to absorb the talented person to our company. Our company already had a straight formidable talented person troop now. After strict training, they make big contributions to our company!

Otherwise, workers become an essential part for our company growth. Every year, our workers are from many provinces, they left their hometown to our company. Many of them have been in our company for many years! They like their work and in a limited time, they can create a lot of wealth. One of our workers says: Our Company is a good company. We enjoy much Welfare and we enjoy our working. The environment is good, we have good rest and during holidays, we can join many actives. All of us get together, it is like a big family, and we feel warm.

Yes, it is our company target. We want to help more people and get their lives better and better!


We value each employee's contributions by offering an attractive remuneration and benefits package:

·  Competitive salary for attracting and retaining talents

·  Training subsidy to encourage continuous improvement

·  Comprehensive medical and hospitalization insurance

·  5-day work week for meeting our employees' needs for a balanced life

No matter which Education do you have, no matter who you are! If you want to challenge yourself, if you want to make contribution to the society, please join us!