Quality Control

QC Process



Piece-by-piece double test


QC/Technical Support


QC employees: 40

Our quality is on par with the international standards. Recognizing the importance of quality to our success, we've implemented a tight quality control regimen in accordance with FCC and CE-certified standards. All of our processes from material procurement to design, production, testing, and quality control are managed under the ERP systems.


Our quality objectives:
IQC pass rate: ≥ 96.00%
First testing pass rate: ≥ 99.00%
FQA pass rate: ≥ 98.00%
Customer satisfaction: 97.00%


QC Staff

40 to 49



We source our materials from Japan, Korea and Taiwan


Procedures/testing Details

Material testing

Processing QC

Finished products QC

Packaging QC